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"Great visit!  I had no problems with the front desk staff and Dr. Suarez couldn't have been nicer."--Cyndi, 3/2014

"Dr. Faria is the perfect mix of holistic and modern medicine, and she really cares about her patient's health." --Jenny, 12/2013

"I adore Dr. Faria! She takes the time to listen to your skincare concerns, AND is one of the rare Dr's out there who understand you need to cure the root of the problem and not just throw pills at it. She took the time to educate me about diet, and ways I can reduce inflammation in my body."-- LM, 11/2013

"Dr. Faria has decades of medical experience and focuses on the fact that we all have unique needs."-- Lateef, 10/2013

"Dr. Faria combines "Eastern" and "Western" medical methodologies to get at the cause of the issue, not treat the symptoms as other doctors do. She looks at the whole of the patient to help relieve the problem. Her direct but friendly manner is a refreshing change from most doctors that I have been to."-- Todd, 9/2013

"Her staff is kind.  Her office is very busy, but when she is with you, she is with you 100%." -- Rebecca, 8/2013

"Dr. Faria was very nice and empathic during my visit. She treated me with the utmost of respect and I learned a lot about holistic treatment as well. Many other dermatologists should take a lesson from her!" ------Kevin, 05/2013


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